A horny threesome

‘Drill My hole’ have got three of the biggest names in the industry today in one hardcore episode made by gaypornstarstube.xxx. Zeb Atlas who is exclusive to this gay tube stars alongside Colby Jansen and Tommy Defendi in this hot and horny threesome.
Zeb Atlas is a powerfully built gentle bear with loads of colourful tattoos. Zeb keeps in great shape by playing rugby and weight lifting and has a massive following on Twitter where you can see photos of him getting dirty in his rugby outfit. He is a top with a seven inch cut dick which is always ready and willing for anything. He has blonde, hair, blue eyes and is six foot one inch tall.
Luke Adams is a sweet looking college kid with a great athletic body.
He is also an award winning porno star and in great demand everywhere he goes. He is a versatile bottom with a seven inch cut dick and has a super tight asshole which loves getting fucked at least once a day, every day. Luke has short brown hair, sparkling green eyes and is five feet seven inched tall.
Tommy Defendi is another good looking hairy man with a designer beard. He is also a big hit on Twitter with a big following. Tommy is a versatile top with a fantastic nine inches of cut meat between his powerful thighs. He has short brown hair, beautiful hazel eyes and is six foot one inch. And he is ready for Zeb Atlas

Medical Malpractice

zeb atlasBig Dicks At School is the gaypornstarstube.xxx site that takes learning as its theme. OK, so it takes students and horny teachers fucking as its theme, but you know what I mean. In this scene, Medical Malpractice, we are in a medical school and stocky dark top Zeb Atlas is out rather dim student. (He’s taking his blood pressure through his white coat for a start!) In comes blonde bottom boy Tory Mason, in his greens, with nothing to do, wondering what’s going on. The guys chat and Tory offers to help Zeb with his revision by playing patient to his doctor.

Zeb checks him out, his pulse, his breathing, his BP, the scene is in danger of turning into an episode of House when the doc asks his volunteer to strip. He wants to do a full body check of course, and after some initial surprise, Tory is willing to oblige. He’s got a toned, fit and tanned body and an already semi-hard cock as he lies down, butt up on the examination table. The medical fantasy continues as Zeb checks every inch of him and turns him over to reveal his hard cock. Ah ha! Is this a medial problem? Well, its permanently hard. OK then we can treat that and away we go into some prostate checking with latex gloves on and a finger investigating the ass, there’s some great anal probing which seems to have gotten the doctor as hard as his patient. His cock comes out and as he finger fucks Tory, Zeb starts stroking his own cock.

It’s a slow build up, but a fantastic one for the medical fetish element of the scene and before too long the guys are working each other’s bodies. Tory sucks his doctor for a while, returning the pleasure of having his ass fingered, and Zeb strips down to reveal all and get his cock wanked. He keeps his latex gloves on all the time which is really horny to see when he starts fucking Tory’s ass on the examination table. He takes the blonde boy in all manner of positions, and Tory’s cut cock stays hard throughout as he plays with himself between gasps of pleasure.
zeb atlas tube
These two guys fuck like mad on that exam table until the inevitable explosive cum shots with Tory splattering his smooth, toned chest and Zeb pulling out just in time to squirt on his flat stomach; he jerks off, still wearing those rubber gloves. It’s totally load-blowing stuff. It’s actually a classic medical fetish scene that somehow manages to fit perfectly into a site about students and teachers; Big Dicks At School is well worth a visit.

Learning About Infidelity

Zeb Atlas bends over once again and feels the majestic touch of Mike De Marko’s tongue probing and licking around his sensitive asshole. Mike De Marko spits onto Zeb’s asshole as he spreads it wide open. His tongue pierces through his crack and darts in and out of it, making Zeb squirm with deep pleasure. He rubs his hand up and down the sweaty wet crack of Zeb’s ass, his fingertips just entering his horny hole, and slipping out again teasing his hole until Zeb wants to suck on Mike De Marko’s cock.
Mike De Marko sits on the edge of the tub enjoying the sensation that Zeb is giving to his cock as he sucks it slowly up and down. He is in heaven and will, and does do, anything his boss will ask of him. Zeb stands up and tells him he wants him to fuck him, and Mike De Marko isn’t going to say no.
zeb atlas
Zeb gets on his knees and grabs a hold of the edge of the tub as Mike De Marko gets behind him and sinks his hard dick as deep as he can into Zeb’s musky wet ass. He starts talking dirty to his boss and tells him to take his big dick. Zeb loves it and orders him to slap his ass again and again. The sounds of his hand slapping against his wet flesh fills the air.
They get out of the bath and onto the floor where Mike De Marko Todd fucks Zeb’s ass in the missionary position. Both men groan in unison and Zeb Ladder is the first one to cum as he pours it out of his cock over his smooth young chest. Mike De Marko moves up to his head and cums over his pretty face and soft red lips. He’s done his job and now has to go and take the message to the other part of the family.
Mike De Marko Todd is six foot one, with a smooth chest and a few tattoos. He is a top with a seven inch cut cock. He has blonde hair, blue eyes and weighs 190 pounds and among the other flicks he has done with Men.com is the exciting ‘Bear Weekend’ series which ends up in a great fuck frenzy.
Zeb Ladder is a cute young man with a sweet smile and a great tight ass. He is versatile with a seven inch cut cock, with brown hair, brown eyes and is five foot eight inches tall and his last flick was ‘Surprise Gift’, with Bennett Anthony.

Adam Killian gets to fuck Zeb Atlas at Falcon Studios

Killian can have a job interview with the marriage friends and is so lucky to discover Zeb Atlas taking a bath. They choose to produce a more entertaining movie greeting. The camera operator films the bodybuilder soaping his body up, the soapsuds slipping off his brawny biceps and upper body, juicy butt, gigantic pec muscles and abs. Zeb’s great look quickly gets Killian in the nude and joins Zeb in the hot shower, delighted for having his cock sucked deep. Killian extends Zeb’s asscheeks open so that he is able to rim his gap. Zeb bangs Killian all the way around, each push making him cry with enjoyment. The excitement is indeed very extreme whenever Killian takes his load, he virtually slips over. Then he asks Zeb to cover up his face with his jizz and is happily compensated – lots of the heated gay porn is ofcoz captured  on tape.

No Smoking In The Men’s Room

In the current series, Cruising, from the Big Dicks At School, we take a walk on the dark and seedy side of cruising. In this film, No Smoking In The Men’s Room, American born Zeb Atlas is up for some serious cruising in this small part of the UK. This film has it all – style, a fantastic soundtrack, great photography, and the hottest hunks in the hottest hardcore scenes imaginable.

The film starts out in black and white. Zeb is parked at the edge of a forest. The cruising grounds are through the woods. Who would be lurking in the woods to catch our guys? Is there going to be any trouble? Zeb is talking as he leaves his car and heads towards the trees. Charlie Roberts parked his car directly behind Zeb’s and got out a second after Zeb exited his car. Zeb knows he is being followed and he is thrilled with what he knows is soon to transpire between them. These guys know what they want and it doesn’t take long before Charlie has Zeb’s eight inch cock out of his pants and into his mouth. Sucking hard, deep and fast, he is already oblivious to the cars racing past on the road just beyond the tree line.

Zeb is ready for some action and within seconds he has Charlie’s pants down around his ankles, showing off that smooth ass still in the jock strap. Zeb pins Charlie against a fence and begins to rim the sweet asshole, fingering it every now and then, priming it for what is still to come. As the cars continue to zoom past beyond the trees, and a plane flies directly overhead, our two hunks are being as quiet as they can be. Mindful of not wanting to get caught, they actually forget just where they are. Zeb slowly enters the lubed asshole of young Charlie and pumps him hard and fast. Charlie wants it deeper and harder and pushes back while Zeb pushes forward.

Growing bolder, our hunks decide to change positions and Zeb lays on the ground while Charlie takes a loving seat upon the stiff dick. Their grunts and groans are hushed, as they experience the thrill of the cold night air blowing across their exposed genitals. Charlie takes his own uncut shaft in hand and jerks off while riding the eight inch pole that is filling his ass. The gasps and grunts grow louder and louder as our hunks forget where they are in the heat of passion. Charlie can’t help it as he shoots his load of jizz all over Zeb’s body and face. Meanwhile, Zeb pulls out and aims his dick straight at Charlie’s open mouth. Some jizz goes in Charlie’s mouth, but a lot runs over his lips and down onto his chest – Charlie just licks his lips in pleasure. Their moans seems to have attracted the attention of someone. Are they about to get caught with their pants down? Or will they have enough time to get dressed and be gone before getting caught? If you want to know how this story works out in the end, head on over to Men Of UK and check out Cruising: Episode 2 and watch it yourself. You will be so glad you did.

Scouts Part 4

We have one of those scenes here where I don’t know where to start. That’s because there are five top guys in this one scenes and it’s from the ‘Scouts’ on-going movie series from Men.com. Because it’s a five-way cum-fest it slips in under the banner of Jizz Orgy and, at the end, you will see why. In this scene we see Zeb Atlas as the hunky scoutmaster, with Johnny Rapid, Jack Radley, Zac Stevens and CK Steel as his charges. But he’s kind of charging at them with his big dick out and, instead of running away from it, they are running towards it with mouths and asses at the ready.

You may well have heard of Zeb Atlas, bodybuilder and porn star who has worked all over the porn-shop over the years; I’ve seen him turn up in many movies for various companies and sites, showing us that he is a guy in demand. But you may not have heard of a couple of the others in this scene; CK Steel, for example, is appearing here in only his second porn movie (for this company at least), as is Zac Stevens. CK is a dewy eyed twink with a good body, trimmed pubes and neat cut cock making him your classic twink type, and CK is more your boy next door amateur looking dude with a cute smile and sexy ass. The other two boys here Johnny Rapid and well-hung Jack Radley have made a few movies for the site, and so are a little more experienced.

So, we have a great line up and we start off the scene in traditional scout fashion, around the camp fire. Here, master Zeb, is asking the boys what they thought of their week and CK pipes up that he has learned a lot but he might have missed out on something; getting screwed by Zeb, it seems. The guys start to discuss what’s been going on, the talk soon turns to sex and before long Johnny, the more outspoken if the group, has started working his magic on Zeb, much to the amusement of the others.

So, we have a boy scout undressing his scoutmaster and gagging on his rock hard cock while, around the camp fire, the other scouts start to harden up their cocks inside their shorts. Before long CK Stele is sucking off Zeb Atlas, Johnny Rapid is getting blown, and all five guys are there, in their scout uniforms, sucking and balling the afternoon away. I tell you, anyone with a scout fantasy needs to watch this scene. Two sexy, young boy scouts sucking on the hard cock and balls of another sexy scout in uniform while the scout master fucks another twink in his neckerchief and woggle, it’s enough to harden the cock of any self-respecting man.

And things don’t stop there; with a threesome happening on one side, the tough bodybuilder fucks the ass off another twink over the camp table. Then he swaps his twinks around, making it his mission to work through the ass of each one in turn. Each boy needs to earn his ‘I’ve been fucked’ badge for his shirt sleeve; first Johnny, then Jack, then one after the other all the boys get a taste of real man-meat, gasping and calling out their pleasure all the way through until…

Until, once Zeb has fucked all of them – and this is incredible: all five boys stacked up on the table with Zeb shafting from one down to the other – we get to the Jizz Orgy speciality, the bukkake moment. In this scenes it’s Zac Stevens who is the bukkake boy and gets cum-plastered by Zeb Atlas, Johnny Rapid, CK Stele and cute Jack Radley. It’s an incredible end to an incredible Scouts series from Men.com.

Bodybuilder and porn star and a str8 guy

We have three of Men.com’s finest models here. Zeb Atlas, bodybuilder and porn star and a guy who has his own website with his own gay and straight videos on it (but that’s another story) appears with two other Men.com veterans: Exclusive model Colby Jansen with his famous muscles, tattoos and great cut cock. And then Jaxton Wheeler here making his twelfth appearance for the company. This scene continues the series ‘Tour Of Duty’ the military muscle, hardcore fantasy series that’s already given us two bouts of banging soldiers in camouflage and military settings.

Here we open in the bunker, dim lighting, camouflage gear abounds, the guys are getting some down time on their bunks and one of them, Colby, is jerking his big cock over on one side of the room. His squad mate, Jaxton, notices and is curious, he heads over to the bed and, without a word, goes down on Colby’s cock. This is one of those scenes that starts off as it means to go on, with no messing around and not even an introduction. We’re straight into the fantastic fantasy of two hunky, straight, soldiers giving each other loving pleasure.

But then there comes an interruption in the form of the hulking great Zeb Atlas wondering what’s going on. He’s instantly hard at the sight though and before you can say ‘loaded weapon’ he’s got his great big cock out and Jaxton finds himself dealing with two cocks at once. What you might call double barrelled fun. The guys have their camouflage pants on which keeps the fantasy going, but they do start to strip down so we don’t miss out on all that toned flesh, that hard muscle and those great bodies.

These guys are tough and can take anything that’s thrown at them, which is why Jaxton gets to play middle-man without complaint. He gets his jaw squarely around Zeb’s eight inch cock while, at the same time, he clamps his ass around Colby’s hard shaft and lets his soldier buddy fuck his ass. It’s a hot spit-roast section that lasts a good time. They swap around as well, so Colby gets head while Zeb fucks the ass, and all the time Jaxton is the bottom boy willingly taking both these barrels. But the thing with loaded weapons is that they are prone to go off and you get the impression our boys are ready to shoot at any moment. And yet they still make the scene last for a good long length of time. But fire their loads they do, Jaxton first while licking Zeb’s shaved nuts and then Zeb shoots over Jaxton’s chest, closely followed by a second barrage from Colby. You don’t need to have seen parts one and two to get the most out of this scene, part three. But if you’ve not seen them yet then you really are missing out on something special.

Tour Of Duty

We’ve not seen bodybuilder Zeb Atlas in a new scene for Drill My Hole since September last year, so it’s going to be interesting to see him back again in the first part of this new series. The title is Tour Of Duty and in part one he is teamed up with long-servicing Men.com regular Colby Jansen. Colby has made over 60 movies for this top hardcore company now, and we last saw him in Midnight Swim with the cute and totally fuckable twink, Trent Ferris. Here though we have the mighty Zeb and the mighty Colby, two hot, hard and hunky heavies who both describe themselves as tops. How’s that going to work then? Only one way to find out…

As you might expect from the title, the scene is a military one. It opens with that well known solider pastime, ‘scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush.’ That’s Colby’s job and he is hard at it when Zeb comes in an messes it all up. Colby asks how long the tour of duty is going to go on and Zeb, his officer in command, is not at all happy with him. And so the scene unfolds in what sounds like unscripted dialogue and it is not long before the sexy stuff starts.

It’s pretty obvious who is going to play top in this scene as Zeb whips out his already hard cock and orders Colby to get down on it. If you’ve ever had a military fantasy, either as the guy in charge or as the poor soldier who gets ordered around, used and abused, then this one is going send you back to your barracks barking loud and howling for a hard jerk-off. Colby sucks on the rock solid shaft while Zeb slowly reveals his rock solid muscles, his perfectly smooth chest and his completely toned body. The dialogue continues and t’s manly, as you’d expect, but it’s also tinted with a kind of soft urgency, which gives the scene heightened eroticism.

Zeb gets completely naked, and we see he is also completely shaved. He orders Colby out of his camo-pants and, still with his boots on, Colby slowly lowers himself down over his officer’s eight inch shaft. It takes him a while to adjust to that length, and remember he is usually the top, but after a while he is able to take more length and sit down further. It’s a good job he loosens up as Zeb is soon invading his top’s ass like it was a small country, though long and deep and hard. Colby jerks his own dick, harder and faster until he shoots off a round of cum-shot, and then Zeb explodes over him, growling.

Here’s a tip: the sound on this scene is excellent, so make sure you turn your volume up, or wear headphones for the full effect.

Drill My Hole with Gay Pornstar Zeb Atlas

You might remember that I was getting a bit over-thrilled the other day at the start of a new on-going story from Drill My Hole, the new series being ‘Captive.’ Well, the over-thrilling news of today is that they have just released part two. I won’t recap on all of the story but there is a kind of ‘Previously on…’ needed here, so imagine a deep voice narrating: ‘Previously on Captive: Dale Cooper’s BF is being held captive, he was taken while Dale was literally screwing around with Joey Carter, and there was someone hard at work at a desk, late at night, and we finished with Dale walking in to a room to see…’

Well, we still don’t know, as in part two we cut straight from him saying ‘fuck’ to DMH newcomer Jake Henrikson (the guy at work) looking at some porn photos and a card and then being called by a mystery caller. Money or everyone in the office sees your fuck photos. What’s poor young Jake to do? Well, before he can get help he has an interview with his boss. Does the boss know? Will he be fired?

Far from it, it seems his boss, chunky, hunky, Aaron Bruiser has other things on his mind. Especially when Jake starts flirting and things turn sexual. We step aside from the main story now to check in on the boss screwing the new boy who wants promotion. They kiss, they move into the boss’ inner office, his home by the looks of it, and Jake’s down on his boss’ cut cock in seconds. The guys strip down, talking all the time, and Aaron checks out his boy’s cute ass, licking it and lubing it up ready for a pounding. But he’s a fair boss, he also sucks and teases young Jake’s hard cock, and it’s a big one.

Jake is usually a top but for this, his first scene for Men.com, he’s flipped over and his ass is invaded by his muscled, tattooed boss. Aaron really enjoys the younger guy’s tight hole and Jake squats over it while he jerks himself off, his face growing red with the heat and sex until he cums. Aaron cums on the junior’s chest and lo and behold, Jake gets his promotion.

And then it’s back to the story, which is equally as compelling as the hardcore scene in the middle of it. There is blood on the stairs as Jake heads into an apartment to find a guy blindfolded. But who is he? And who has just arrived at the door with a loaded gun pointing at the newly promoted office boy? wanna learn more about Drill My Hole – click here to preview more gay videos

To be continued…

Zeb Atlas fucking Johnny Rapid

It’s all a bit strange, like a strange dream come true but Zeb Atlas and Johnny Rapid have been left an entire house by a friend of Zeb’s. The only instruction is to enjoy it ‘and each other.’ The other strange thing is that they haven’t met before, so it is a real mystery. They explore the house, not quite believing what they have been given. After a good look around it transpires that Zeb has been fucking the mystery benefactor for years, and Johnny hints at what the note said, ‘enjoy each other.’

Stream Video:

Within a few minutes Johnny is checking out the huge cock on the huge Zeb Atlas. The bodybuilder towers over twink Johnny, on his knees and worshiping his cock, giving his swollen head a great work-over with his sweet lips, and deep throating that monster. Zeb strips down, his huge chest and arms bulging out in all the right places, driving Johnny wilder and wilder. Johnny strips down and Zeb starts to get interested in his tight butt. And if there’s one thing this star twink likes it’s a real man’s cock deep in his ass.

Soon Johnny’s on that bodybuilder dick, riding it like a pro, up and down on the basement couch, flesh slapping flesh. His own cock is hard just at the sensation and then gets harder as Zeb takes him from behind, mercilessly across the leather settee. He stands him up, throws him onto his back, plunges in again harder and deeper, faster and faster as little Johnny strokes his own cut cock, his nuts all ready to burst. He can’t hold back and shoots across his smooth stomach before Zeb lets rip and covers him in his own manly jizz. Whoever gave them this house sure knew they were going to enjoy it.

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