Learning About Infidelity

Zeb Atlas bends over once again and feels the majestic touch of Mike De Marko’s tongue probing and licking around his sensitive asshole. Mike De Marko spits onto Zeb’s asshole as he spreads it wide open. His tongue pierces through his crack and darts in and out of it, making Zeb squirm with deep pleasure. He rubs his hand up and down the sweaty wet crack of Zeb’s ass, his fingertips just entering his horny hole, and slipping out again teasing his hole until Zeb wants to suck on Mike De Marko’s cock.
Mike De Marko sits on the edge of the tub enjoying the sensation that Zeb is giving to his cock as he sucks it slowly up and down. He is in heaven and will, and does do, anything his boss will ask of him. Zeb stands up and tells him he wants him to fuck him, and Mike De Marko isn’t going to say no.
zeb atlas
Zeb gets on his knees and grabs a hold of the edge of the tub as Mike De Marko gets behind him and sinks his hard dick as deep as he can into Zeb’s musky wet ass. He starts talking dirty to his boss and tells him to take his big dick. Zeb loves it and orders him to slap his ass again and again. The sounds of his hand slapping against his wet flesh fills the air.
They get out of the bath and onto the floor where Mike De Marko Todd fucks Zeb’s ass in the missionary position. Both men groan in unison and Zeb Ladder is the first one to cum as he pours it out of his cock over his smooth young chest. Mike De Marko moves up to his head and cums over his pretty face and soft red lips. He’s done his job and now has to go and take the message to the other part of the family.
Mike De Marko Todd is six foot one, with a smooth chest and a few tattoos. He is a top with a seven inch cut cock. He has blonde hair, blue eyes and weighs 190 pounds and among the other flicks he has done with Men.com is the exciting ‘Bear Weekend’ series which ends up in a great fuck frenzy.
Zeb Ladder is a cute young man with a sweet smile and a great tight ass. He is versatile with a seven inch cut cock, with brown hair, brown eyes and is five foot eight inches tall and his last flick was ‘Surprise Gift’, with Bennett Anthony.

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