Medical Malpractice

zeb atlasBig Dicks At School is the site that takes learning as its theme. OK, so it takes students and horny teachers fucking as its theme, but you know what I mean. In this scene, Medical Malpractice, we are in a medical school and stocky dark top Zeb Atlas is out rather dim student. (He’s taking his blood pressure through his white coat for a start!) In comes blonde bottom boy Tory Mason, in his greens, with nothing to do, wondering what’s going on. The guys chat and Tory offers to help Zeb with his revision by playing patient to his doctor.

Zeb checks him out, his pulse, his breathing, his BP, the scene is in danger of turning into an episode of House when the doc asks his volunteer to strip. He wants to do a full body check of course, and after some initial surprise, Tory is willing to oblige. He’s got a toned, fit and tanned body and an already semi-hard cock as he lies down, butt up on the examination table. The medical fantasy continues as Zeb checks every inch of him and turns him over to reveal his hard cock. Ah ha! Is this a medial problem? Well, its permanently hard. OK then we can treat that and away we go into some prostate checking with latex gloves on and a finger investigating the ass, there’s some great anal probing which seems to have gotten the doctor as hard as his patient. His cock comes out and as he finger fucks Tory, Zeb starts stroking his own cock.

It’s a slow build up, but a fantastic one for the medical fetish element of the scene and before too long the guys are working each other’s bodies. Tory sucks his doctor for a while, returning the pleasure of having his ass fingered, and Zeb strips down to reveal all and get his cock wanked. He keeps his latex gloves on all the time which is really horny to see when he starts fucking Tory’s ass on the examination table. He takes the blonde boy in all manner of positions, and Tory’s cut cock stays hard throughout as he plays with himself between gasps of pleasure.
zeb atlas tube
These two guys fuck like mad on that exam table until the inevitable explosive cum shots with Tory splattering his smooth, toned chest and Zeb pulling out just in time to squirt on his flat stomach; he jerks off, still wearing those rubber gloves. It’s totally load-blowing stuff. It’s actually a classic medical fetish scene that somehow manages to fit perfectly into a site about students and teachers; Big Dicks At School is well worth a visit.

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