Scouts Part 4

We have one of those scenes here where I don’t know where to start. That’s because there are five top guys in this one scenes and it’s from the ‘Scouts’ on-going movie series from Because it’s a five-way cum-fest it slips in under the banner of Jizz Orgy and, at the end, you will see why. In this scene we see Zeb Atlas as the hunky scoutmaster, with Johnny Rapid, Jack Radley, Zac Stevens and CK Steel as his charges. But he’s kind of charging at them with his big dick out and, instead of running away from it, they are running towards it with mouths and asses at the ready.

You may well have heard of Zeb Atlas, bodybuilder and porn star who has worked all over the porn-shop over the years; I’ve seen him turn up in many movies for various companies and sites, showing us that he is a guy in demand. But you may not have heard of a couple of the others in this scene; CK Steel, for example, is appearing here in only his second porn movie (for this company at least), as is Zac Stevens. CK is a dewy eyed twink with a good body, trimmed pubes and neat cut cock making him your classic twink type, and CK is more your boy next door amateur looking dude with a cute smile and sexy ass. The other two boys here Johnny Rapid and well-hung Jack Radley have made a few movies for the site, and so are a little more experienced.

So, we have a great line up and we start off the scene in traditional scout fashion, around the camp fire. Here, master Zeb, is asking the boys what they thought of their week and CK pipes up that he has learned a lot but he might have missed out on something; getting screwed by Zeb, it seems. The guys start to discuss what’s been going on, the talk soon turns to sex and before long Johnny, the more outspoken if the group, has started working his magic on Zeb, much to the amusement of the others.

So, we have a boy scout undressing his scoutmaster and gagging on his rock hard cock while, around the camp fire, the other scouts start to harden up their cocks inside their shorts. Before long CK Stele is sucking off Zeb Atlas, Johnny Rapid is getting blown, and all five guys are there, in their scout uniforms, sucking and balling the afternoon away. I tell you, anyone with a scout fantasy needs to watch this scene. Two sexy, young boy scouts sucking on the hard cock and balls of another sexy scout in uniform while the scout master fucks another twink in his neckerchief and woggle, it’s enough to harden the cock of any self-respecting man.

And things don’t stop there; with a threesome happening on one side, the tough bodybuilder fucks the ass off another twink over the camp table. Then he swaps his twinks around, making it his mission to work through the ass of each one in turn. Each boy needs to earn his ‘I’ve been fucked’ badge for his shirt sleeve; first Johnny, then Jack, then one after the other all the boys get a taste of real man-meat, gasping and calling out their pleasure all the way through until…

Until, once Zeb has fucked all of them – and this is incredible: all five boys stacked up on the table with Zeb shafting from one down to the other – we get to the Jizz Orgy speciality, the bukkake moment. In this scenes it’s Zac Stevens who is the bukkake boy and gets cum-plastered by Zeb Atlas, Johnny Rapid, CK Stele and cute Jack Radley. It’s an incredible end to an incredible Scouts series from

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