Tour Of Duty

We’ve not seen bodybuilder Zeb Atlas in a new scene for Drill My Hole since September last year, so it’s going to be interesting to see him back again in the first part of this new series. The title is Tour Of Duty and in part one he is teamed up with long-servicing regular Colby Jansen. Colby has made over 60 movies for this top hardcore company now, and we last saw him in Midnight Swim with the cute and totally fuckable twink, Trent Ferris. Here though we have the mighty Zeb and the mighty Colby, two hot, hard and hunky heavies who both describe themselves as tops. How’s that going to work then? Only one way to find out…

As you might expect from the title, the scene is a military one. It opens with that well known solider pastime, ‘scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush.’ That’s Colby’s job and he is hard at it when Zeb comes in an messes it all up. Colby asks how long the tour of duty is going to go on and Zeb, his officer in command, is not at all happy with him. And so the scene unfolds in what sounds like unscripted dialogue and it is not long before the sexy stuff starts.

It’s pretty obvious who is going to play top in this scene as Zeb whips out his already hard cock and orders Colby to get down on it. If you’ve ever had a military fantasy, either as the guy in charge or as the poor soldier who gets ordered around, used and abused, then this one is going send you back to your barracks barking loud and howling for a hard jerk-off. Colby sucks on the rock solid shaft while Zeb slowly reveals his rock solid muscles, his perfectly smooth chest and his completely toned body. The dialogue continues and t’s manly, as you’d expect, but it’s also tinted with a kind of soft urgency, which gives the scene heightened eroticism.

Zeb gets completely naked, and we see he is also completely shaved. He orders Colby out of his camo-pants and, still with his boots on, Colby slowly lowers himself down over his officer’s eight inch shaft. It takes him a while to adjust to that length, and remember he is usually the top, but after a while he is able to take more length and sit down further. It’s a good job he loosens up as Zeb is soon invading his top’s ass like it was a small country, though long and deep and hard. Colby jerks his own dick, harder and faster until he shoots off a round of cum-shot, and then Zeb explodes over him, growling.

Here’s a tip: the sound on this scene is excellent, so make sure you turn your volume up, or wear headphones for the full effect.

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